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It’s 2018, does size still matter?

Regardless of what anyone says, the great Australian dream of owning a home still exists. We’re living proof of that. While this dream may have transformed a little from the expansive yard with the white picket fence, trust us when we say, it’s still rife.

In today’s day and age, there are many reasons we can’t afford to place an emphasis on size. With population increases, land availability decreasing and living expenses growing, people are paying more attention to finding the things that will meet their needs in a more practical way. Therefore, when it comes to buying land and/or a house, we need to be confident in knowing that what we invest our hard-earned cash in will meet our future needs, whether it be in the long or short term.

When talking land nowadays, size is a the of the past. You’d be surprised what you can do on even the smallest lot. It is a move that’s taking hold the world over but let’s take a look at a region we can all associate with; Brisbane. In 2013 the Brisbane City Council draft city plan comprised largely of block subdivision, meaning the average 607m2 block size was potentially on its way to becoming a thing of the past, with new, subdivided lots anywhere from 180 to 300 square metres. The average Australian block size today is between 200 and 350 square metres, and due to lifestyle choice, investment value and comfort, these size lots have become increasingly popular.

Small lots are trending here on the Sunshine Coast as well. While continuing on a comparable trajectory with similar concepts to Brisbane, small lots on the Sunshine Coast are popping up in new housing estates with land size anywhere from 250m2 for a detached home, to as little as 88m2 for the trendy new terrace house. Why you ask? Many reasons but ultimately, it’s a lifestyle choice. People are busier today than ever before and therefore want simplicity. There are a few other things as well.

1. Give me more time

Who wants to spend their limited time cleaning, mowing, repairing, improving, etc. your property? Sorry to say, your small lot won’t remove it all, but minimization is guaranteed, meaning you can spend more time with your family and friends doing the things you love.

2. The inevitable $$

You have the potential to save on purchase outgoings due to the price of smaller lots compared to larger ones. Calculations show this could mean a saving of 21%, if not more.  Financial experts say you should allocate one third of your annual income toward your mortgage but imagine if it was less! You’d have access to more disposable income, savings, better schools for your kids, holidays, lotto tickets or whatever it is that takes your fancy. WINNING!

3.  Location, location, location

Generally small lots are available in upcoming suburbs and areas that are within great vicinity to CBD’s, parks, shops, schools, attractions and public transport. It’s no different on the Sunshine Coast. Our lots are positioned in Harmony and Aura development area; two of the most upcoming precincts on the Sunshine Coast, with all the attractions of our beautiful coast on your doorstep.

4. Did anyone say compromise??

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage and courtyard. No, you don’t need to re-read and it wasn’t a typo. We have impressive terrace homes and detached houses that can be tailored to your needs, making small lot living extremely comfortable without the compromise.

While in every sense of it, continue to dream big and think big, but when it come to land size, re think that attitude. Dispel the myth that bigger is better and get yourself down to our Aura display to check out our magnificent terrace house or the stunningly crafted detached home at our Harmony display. What to know more? Call our head office on 07 5458 5500 or visit today.

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