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30,000 STEPS on the Coastal Pathway to supporting families with Autism

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

April is upon us already and we’re excited for the challenge that lies ahead!

This is World Autism Awareness Month and locally on the Sunshine Coast you have the opportunity to lace up your walking shoes, grab your friends and join us in helping to make a difference for Sunshine Coast families living with Autism.

The second annual Vantage Homes Trek For Autism, a fundraising coastal walk to Alexandra Headland Surf Club in support of STEPS Autism Treehouse, is on Sunday, April 28. There’s a 25km trek – about 30,000 steps depending on your stride length and walking speed – starting from Tickle Park in Coolum Beach at 9am (check-in from 7.30am) and a 12.5km half trek starting from Mudjimba Surf Club (9.45am check-in).

STEPS Autism Treehouse is a non-profit organisation that builds community through connecting families, children and young people living with Autism, as well as providing support with access to resources, life skills programs, education and social events.

The Vantage Homes Qld team are united in support of the wonderful work undertaken by STEPS Autism Treehouse on the Sunshine Coast.

Following on from last year’s inaugural trek, which attracted 249 participants, we’re proud to again present this fantastic fundraiser that raises money locally that will be kept local and we’re also proud that many members of the Vantage Homes Qld team will be stepping out to complete the trek challenge.

Many of the Vantage Homes Qld team have a personal connection with Autism, either being parents of children with Autism or having friends who have children with Autism. We know children with Autism have their own very special gifts and it’s vital to given these children an opportunity to discover them.

We’re continuing to drum up awareness around Autism and keep our own Trek For Autism team’s fundraising tally climbing with events such as a staff morning tea.


Help us provide 10,000 reasons to celebrate

Having set a fundraising goal of $10,000, we’re currently about two-thirds of the way to our target thanks to a few dozen generous donations including two massive four-figure pledges from two of our Queensland-based suppliers: $2500 from home security manufacturer You’re Secure and $1000 from prefabricated timber frame manufacturers King Truss Jamie.

Among the many other donors, those to have already pledged more than $100 are EkkoPoint Properties ($525), John Thurtell ($420), Baywater Plumbing ($157.50), Heidi Daly ($131.25), Seiden Creative ($105), Darren Creed ($105), Andrea Kinnane ($105) and Jayden Toohey ($105).

We’re appreciative of each and every donation that comes in – even the smallest, as every dollar helps – and strongly encourage Vantage Homes Qld customers and all Sunshine Coast locals who are themselves unable to take part in the 2019 Trek For Autism to support our fundraising efforts.

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The clock is ticking on our sizzling specials on new home builds

Thursday, March 14, 2019

If you’ve been considering building your next home and are the sort of person who loves a bargain – aren’t we all? – now is the time to act. But you’d better hurry!

There’s just over a fortnight remaining to take advantage of our hot deals on new homes! We extended summer by a month because, let’s face it, as Sunshine Coast home builders we know we’re pretty fortunate that the weather remains beautiful for our region, Brisbane and the rest of southeast Queensland pretty well year-round. However, our Super Summer Sale must end on March 31 – and you must have signed a quote agreement and paid your deposit by that date.

Discounts range from a minimum $10,000 up to $14,200 on Vantage Homes Qld’s Urban Collection and Icon Collection range of homes.

These collections include some of our most popular home designs:

If you haven’t yet checked out the Bailey or the three-bedroom Freedom, these stunning designs are available to walk through at Sunshine Coast display homes located at Stockland Aura or Harmony Palmview respectively.

The three-bedroom Banksy used to be a display home also, so it’s possible to do a 3D virtual tour of that design.

To be eligible for the savings off your new home build, you have to sign a quote agreement and pay a $2000 deposit before the end of March, sign a building contract no later than 30 days after signing the quote agreement and have construction commence no later than December 1 this year.

Want to take advantage of these sizzling specials before they’re gone? Be sure to get in touch with us today!

View full terms and conditions online

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Celebrating International Women

Thursday, March 07, 2019

The year of women in construction

You only need to look around the Sunshine Coast at the moment to see the how dynamic this place is in terms of growth, both residentially and commercially. Why? Well, our best kept secret is fast becoming a well-known destination for holiday makers and relocations, which means change…. good change. With an influx of people comes more infrastructure, more job opportunities and a wider talent pool to choose from. And for us at Vantage Building Group (Vantage), one of the most exciting things about this change is that more women are choosing to enter and work in the construction industry.

“Vantage employs the right people for the right job”, says Shane O’Brien, Director of Vantage, “and while we pride ourselves on this fact, we’re also exceptionally thrilled with the number of females employed to help us reach the calibre of work we do. In fact, 30% of our current workforce is made up of women”.

From 2005 through to 2018, together with the accommodation and professional services sectors, construction remained one of the more stable industries amongst its highest competitors throughout the nation. And here on the Sunshine Coast, construction is the second largest employment sector behind Health Care and Social Needs.

With statistics such as this, it’s no wonder more and more women are attracted to the industry. Queensland wide, however, only 12% of the total industry is made up of women. As an industry leader here on the Coast, we want to help pave the way for more women in construction, across both the trade and administration side of the industry.

Roles within construction vary greatly and there’s so many more opportunities available these days, probably more than what is initially perceived when thinking about the industry.  From interior design and site supervisors to estimating, drafting, marketing, accounting, project management and the assortment of hands-on trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrics etc.  The prospects are endless.

“After 18 years in business, we are exceptionally proud of the name we’ve created for ourselves here on the Sunshine Coast, as well as the culture we’ve carefully carved for all employees. Women make up 47% of the Australian workforce so in everything we do, we’re hoping to influence more women into the industry as this means a wider skill set, as well as differing perspectives”, says Shane. “The female workforce participation rate is also growing at nine times that of men, therefore we want to attract the strongest talent possible as our people define who we are and the results we achieve.”

Kendra Bullock has been working with Vantage for over 12 years as HR Manager. She has, however, recently evolved her role, following a different passion that, combined with Vantage’s support towards her professional development has seen her also become our Interior Design Manager. “Kendra has been integral to the direction of the Vantage product” says Kate Mayne, Sales Manager. “We bring together a design and building team to ensure our home plans suit the clients intended lifestyles. Ultimately, our goal is to show new home owners how to achieve a high-quality finish, with a design feel yet at an affordable price”.

“We’re about changing perspectives when it comes to working in the construction industry. When you think of construction you don’t need to see yourself holding a hammer, although no one here at Vantage will stop you” laughs Kate.

The positives of a stable, ever advancing industry just keep growing, not only across the administration arm of the industry, but within the trades. While the laborious side attracts many, and will continue to do so, advancements in technology see this side becoming less intense

Antonia O’Brien has been with Vantage for over two years now, is a graduate of Curtain University with a Master in Architecture, and is part of our Drafting team. For Antonia, the biggest attraction continues to be the achievement associated with starting with a bare, blank canvas and working to create a masterpiece, that in many instances, has a lasting impact. “I enjoy site visits and watching the build come to life.  The reality of the building site can be quite different, you learn so much from the site Forman and trades that it really translates back into your future creations.”

Part of the Vantage mission is to make sure they are offering the Sunshine Coast community opportunities to get the best and to be the best. As Shane continues, “40% of our senior managers are females, a figure that we are exceptionally proud of. We also pride ourselves on promoting within and get a huge sense of achievement by seeing dedicated employees come to us in an apprenticeship, internship or graduate role and then watching them develop into outstanding leaders, who drive the industry forward”

As the Sunshine Coast continues to move forward, you can be sure Vantage will be at the forefront of this growth, and as we continue on this journey, watch this space as we’ll be constructing our leaders of the future too.


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Is building your dream home too overwhelming? It doesn’t need to be that way!

Monday, February 04, 2019

Narrowing down your preferred home designs, making a decision on what you want to build and looking over plans for your new home is an exciting process – but it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you’re building for the first time.

At Vantage Homes Qld, we like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.

Selecting from Vantage Homes Qld's wide array of designs, such as these three Icon Collection houses, is the first step in the process to your brand new home.

The easy steps to your new Vantage home

  1. Choose your design: Visit one of our Sunshine Coast display homes, browse our collection of award-winning home designs online or talk to us about your own plans for your dream home.
  2. Personalise your home: A colour consultation with a Vantage representative is booked and you have the ability to select from our range of facades, fixtures and fittings to personalise your chosen design. Choose any desired extras and upgrades for your house – including any offers available within our current promotions.
  3. Secure your home: Once you are happy with your home design, it’s time to sign your Housing Industry Australia build contract and secure your build. Our new home consultants can assist you through the entire process.
  4. Sit back, relax and we’ll get to work: Once contracts are executed and initial deposits are paid, Vantage Homes Qld will obtain all necessary covenant and council building approvals before commencing construction of your new home.

The typical construction process takes just over four months from start to finish. Site preparation generally occurs across the first two weeks, including soil testing and engineering slab design, before the slab is poured in week 3, the frame goes up in week 5, the home reaches lock-up stage in week 8, fixing and fit-out is completed in week 12, practical completion occurs in week 16 and final hand over happens in week 18.

Understanding construction plans

You will come across many types of plans during the building process. These will include:

  • The floor plan
  • The site plan
  • Elevations
  • Section

Most people have seen marketing floor plans before and therefore these are the most recognisable – we in fact show the floorplans for all of our home designs online. Floor plans show the overhead view of a home including the dimensions of every room as well as the placement of doors, windows, any stairs, built-in robes and the cabinetry/sinks within kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

An example of a Vantage Homes Qld marketing floorplan, for Urban Collection three-bedroom home design Banksy.

Site plans (which include drainage plans) are also drawn in an overhead view, but show the home in relation to its lot’s boundaries and how far it is set back from the street. It details the block size and overall dimensions of the home, as well as services to the site (for example, electricity, water, gas, phone and sewage), any easements, any retaining walls and neighbours’ fence-lines.

Architectural detail is shown within the elevation drawings, which include the front, sides and rear views of the home. This includes such things as roof pitches, windows, external doors and balconies. Exterior finishes are also detailed.

Offering a cut-through of the home, showing how internal and external elements sit in relation to each other and the height of the building, section plans depict things such as stairs, doors, cupboards and robes with a description of the finishes where necessary.

Still confused?

When it comes to building a home, we believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. At Vantage Homes Qld we want all prospective customers to be clear about the process and fully understand what they’re looking at when viewing a plan. As evident from the outstanding customer feedback we receive, our team is always happy to discuss and explain whatever you need us to!

Be sure to get in touch today for constructive advice!

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Make 2019 your year to build

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

If building your very own home is a goal for 2019, no doubt you’ve adopted a New Year’s Resolution to save money towards making that a reality.

Simply by changing up a few common spending habits, you can easily find ways to save money to put towards a brand new home.

Is boosting your building fund or moving into your brand new home one of your goals for 2019? 

Take a break from the daily grind

If you’ve developed a habit of stopping by your favourite barista on a daily basis, there are three options to save plenty:

  1. Switch to instant coffee – the choice is a lot better than it once was.
  2. Invest in a French press.
  3. Keep an eye out for a pre-loved coffee machine and take your home-made barista-style brew with you in an insulated, reusable coffee cup.

Prep your lunches for the week ahead

If your working week habits also include buying lunch every day, the cost soon adds up. At a conservative $10 a day, 5 days a week, that’s $2400 for the year … even taking into account you’re on leave for 4 weeks. Packing your lunch needn’t become a daily chore either. By shopping smart and doing one big batch cookup for the week, you can save big without hassle.

Quit the gym in favour of fresh air

Keeping fit is important, but gym memberships can be costly and there’s so many ways you can exercise for free in the great outdoors – especially with the wonderful climate we enjoy on the Sunshine Coast and all our incredible beaches, rivers, mountains, national parks, parks with free gym equipment, shared paths and more. There’s so many options available, such as taking part in your local weekly volunteer-run ParkRun, free outdoor group fitness classes, practicing yoga on the beach and hitting the water for a surf, stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking.

Consider pedal power for your commute

Relying less on your car is another easy way to save, especially if you face parking cost on top of petrol. Cycling to work is a great way to boost your health – as another alternative to a gym membership – while also cutting your motoring expenses. It’s especially practical if you have shower facilities at your workplace. Walking or running to work has similar benefits, if you live within close proximity. Otherwise public transport or carpooling with colleagues or neighbours always remains a good option.

Cut down on your vices

We all know cigarettes and alcohol have negative affects on our health, so cutting back on these – or giving them up altogether – can again not only have a positive impact on your fitness but also your bank balance. Consider using your goal of moving into your new home as extra motivation to ditch the habit for good and put every cent you save into your building fund.

Embrace your existing devices

As technology advancement moves at such a fast pace these days, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the apparent need to constantly upgrade electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and the like. But do you really need a new device if your existing one is still working well? Swap being first among your friends to have the latest technology with being ahead in the journey to building your own home.

Switch up your social scene

There’s massive savings to be had by curbing how often you dine at restaurants, go to the cinema or join friends for a night out. There’s no need to become a hermit, however. Consider hosting gatherings such as home movie nights. Having people gather at your place is a lot more economical, especially if everyone brings a share plate and their own drinks.

Other ways to save

Here’s a few more tips to boost your building fund this year:

  1. Rather than living from pay cheque to pay cheque, then putting aside whatever is left over, take your savings out first, move that money into a separate account and then live off the rest – making it stretch as far as you can.
  2. Consider downgrading your car. If you sell your car and buy a cheaper car, you can save the difference. Even better, as a couple, can you make do with only one car? Cars are depreciating assets and their cost goes well beyond petrol – with insurance, registration and maintenance all costing a mint – so by getting rid of one vehicle altogether you can save an enormous amount over a year.
  3. If you have a spare room in your house, consider renting it out for some extra income. If you’re currently renting, be sure your rental agreement permits you to sublet.
  4. After the financial year ends and you receive your tax return, avoid temptation to splurge and put the cash into your new home savings account straight away.

If you’re considering building on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, chat to the Vantage Homes Qld team today about the steps involved and ensure your savings are on track to make your dream a reality in 2019! We’re always happy to offer no-obligation, expert advice on any aspect of the process.

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200-plus reasons to be grateful for the year that’s been

Monday, December 03, 2018

We’re approaching the end of 2018 – and looking ahead to 2019 – with immense gratitude for the many opportunities we’ve had to make a difference in the lives of so many Sunshine Coast families, whether through building their home or supporting the great work of local charity organisations.

It’s been an amazing year for Vantage Homes Qld, constructing more than 200 new homes across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane – including 60 for first home buyers – as well as collecting numerous industry awards and contributing strongly to local charities.

We love making a difference in the lives of so many Sunshine Coast families.


The most popular Vantage Homes design of 2018, which you can walk through if you visit the Aura display village near Caloundra, has been the Bailey.

It’s little wonder, with the Bailey display home showcasing the high quality of our standard build and the spacious and homely design – actually based on customer feedback – being extremely functional yet highly versatile.

Success built on innovative designs

Having lots of happy new home owners provides us with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and fills us with pride, but we also take great satisfaction from our residential building industry awards scoop this year. Highlighting our innovation and quality of our workmanship, these accolades are the icing on the cake.

Master Builders Award for Best Display Home ($351,000-$450,000): Awarded to our Sinatra Terrace display home at Aura.

Stockland Award for Innovation and Affordability (Materials and Design): Awarded to our Sinatra Terrace display home at Aura.

Stockland Award for Innovation and Affordability (House and Land Package under $450,000): Awarded to our Monroe Terrace display home at Aura.

Stockland Award for Best Small Lot Housing: Awarded to our Sinatra Terrace display home at Aura.

Proudly giving back to our community

We love that our vantage point as one of the Sunshine Coast’s most trusted builders allows us to contribute to our community and support charities that raise awareness over important issues or help local families in need.

In this regard, highlights of 2018 have included:

  • Vantage Homes joining Red 25, with our staff rolling up their sleeves and donating blood as part of the Team Adem Blood Donation Community;
  • Vantage Homes being the major sponsor of the STEPS Autism Treehouse inaugural Trek for Autism, in support of Sunshine Coast families, children and young people living with autism, as well as our staff raising $3446 by joining in the 25km trek from Coolum to Mooloolaba.
  • Vantage Homes continuing as the major sponsor of the upcoming STEPS Autism Treehouse Christmas Party, for the fourth year running. Be sure to get your tickets for the December 9 event!

Paying it forward to the Sunshine Coast community also extends to our support of local rugby league and rugby union, including being major sponsor of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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Vantage Homes Terrace Living

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ever wondered what a living in a terrace home would be like? Worried it won’t be spacious or have all the fixtures and fittings of a detached home?
Join Ian on a tour through one of the terrace homes at Birtinya to see how good terrace living could be.

Terrace homes just like this are selling at Harmony and Buderim Forest. Get in contact with us today to find out more.

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Entertain in style with new park-frontage terrace homes

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

As lifestyles around Australia change to incorporate longer working hours and busy schedules, housing has adapted to allow us more freedom to enjoy our weekends, with at-home entertaining now more popular than ever.

Terrace houses combine the design elements of a traditional home, while taking on the low maintenance elements of a townhouse, giving you the best of both worlds to enjoy more of your time on the weekend.

What’s more, with Harmony’s expansive Grand Linear Park as your backyard, you don’t have to worry about maintenance – simply sit back and enjoy the park as you entertain in style! With homes just across the road from Harmony’s Grand Linear Park, Vantage Homes’ terrace homes have beautiful views of the park’s expansive green.

Designed with entertainers in mind, Vantage terrace homes offer the ultimate in terrace living. Floor plans feature a large gourmet kitchen, a seamless connection between its open plan dining and lounge room to the outdoor courtyard, this home is the perfect spot for weekend get-togethers.

“Our terrace houses are homes that buyers want to show off to their friends, but also a home they want to spend time in relaxing.”

With more than 17 years’ experience in designing and building homes on the Sunshine Coast, Vantage Homes understand the coastal climate and have designed its terraces homes to be modern and functional, all while letting in as much natural light as possible.

“Our terrace homes have been designed to provide an abundance of natural light and air, which is why the majority of our homes have 2.5m ceilings and large three-storey voids.”

Park-front terrace homes start from just $459,000 for a spacious four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom, two-storey home.

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UDIA Queensland Awards

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Vantage Homes attended the The UDIA Queensland Awards where Stockland Aura Display Village won for affordable small scale development using our 'Sinatra' display home to showcase the benefits of Terrace living. Congratulations to Stockland.

The The UDIA Queensland Awards for Excellence represent the Institute’s commitment to creating inspiring communities for Queenslanders by celebrating the industry’s most innovative ideas. Launched in 1994, the Awards have grown to become the development industry’s highest accolade.

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On-trend terrace homes make living in Harmony easy

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Minimum maintenance, maximum lifestyle. Modern terrace living is all about enjoying the comforts of a full-sized home while freeing up time to do the things you love.

Combining clever use of space, versatile floorplans, sophistication and style, terrace homes are increasingly becoming highly sought-after across Australia and proving a popular choice within the Harmony estate at Palmview.

Small lot specialists, with our Terrace Collection featuring award-winning designs, Vantage Homes Qld can provide the perfect solution for a busy family, professionals or retirees. Easy to live in and easy to lock up and leave.

In a throwback to the standard quarter-acre block of yesteryear, traditional detached Australian homes these days come with the burden of unrealistic mortgages in addition to hefty maintenance. And let’s face it, no one wants to spend their weekends mowing, weeding, cleaning or repairing a property especially on the Sunshine Coast where there’s so many amazing ways to enjoy your downtime!

Although a new small lot home won’t remove all maintenance requirements, minimisation is guaranteed, with less gardens to look after, a smaller floorspace to clean and no DIY improvement projects necessary.

Terrace home owners can spend more time with family and friends or enjoying the watersports, beaches, national parks, walking tracks, markets, restaurants and cafes, shopping precincts and other amazing lifestyle options the Sunshine Coast offers.

Vantage Homes' terrace house designs on lots 846 to 849 in the Harmony estate at Palmview on the Sunshine Coast.

Vantage Homes’ Terrace Collection designs represent the finest cosmopolitan, low-maintenance living available on the Sunshine Coast. Modern, functional and on-trend, with a high level of inclusions at an affordable price, a perfect balance between space and ambiance ensures there’s always more than meets the eye.

With Vantage Homes, you can choose from raw, urban and industrial designs through to luxurious affordable family living.

Features range from internal courtyards perfect for entertaining, front or rear-entry double garage options, large gourmet kitchens and open-plan living, there is a multitude of designs constantly evolving to suit all sizes of allotments.

High ceilings and internal voids in the well-designed layouts ensure living spaces are beautifully bathed in natural light.

And with no body corporate to worry about, as well as full turnkey solutions in one simple and affordable price, Vantage Homes terrace living at Harmony certainly is easier on the household finances – regardless of whether you’re a first home buyer, you’re downsizing or your family is working with a set budget.

Vantage Homes’ latest group of terrace homes in Harmony, starting at $459,000 for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Parkway Terrace, are perfectly positioned to soak in all the lifestyle offerings.

Just one hour to Brisbane, Harmony’s fantastic central location on the Sunshine Coast nestled between the region’s lush hinterland and its unspoilt beaches – with easy access to the Bruce Highway and Mooloolaba only a 15-minute drive – means nothing is far from your doorstep: hospitals, universities, schools, dining options, Maroochydore CBD, major shopping centres, surf clubs and more.

The Harmony development includes large parklands threaded with bike and walking trails and a contemporary village-style town centre is helping to form a close-knit community where neighbourhood values are highly regarded.

Enquire about our new terrace homes at Harmony today. Call 1300 423 689 or message us now.

An example of one of our terrace home floorplans.
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Helping the Sunshine Coast in building a better community

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

As one of the Sunshine’s Coast most trusted builders, we’re involved in creating communities and love “giving back” in various ways to help foster community spirit.

You see, at Vantage Homes, we strongly believe in building a better community. That’s why we’re proud supporters of Sunshine Coast sporting clubs and charities.

This includes:

  • Sunshine Coast Falcons rugby league
  • Sunshine Coast/Gympie Rugby League
  • Sunshine Coast Grammar School rugby union
  • Team Adem blood donation community
  • STEPS Autism Treehouse
  • RACQ LifeFlight Sunshine Coast

Our community focus also extends to engaging local suppliers and contractors, to help keep our local economy strong.

Local sport we support

We’ve been the major sponsor of the Falcons, the Sunshine Coast’s premier rugby league team, for four years – and we’re committed to 2019 also. Currently affiliated with the Melbourne Storm, as a feeder club, the Vantage Homes Falcons provide pathways for Sunshine Coast locals to launch NRL careers. They host Intrust Super Cup games (aka Queensland Cup) at Sunshine Coast Stadium in Kawana Waters. We love the Falcons: our town, our team!

The Vantage Homes Falcons and the Vantage Homes-sponsored Sunshine Coast Gympie Rugby League competition are close to our hearts.

Our passion for footy has led to us also being the major sponsor of Sunshine Coast Gympie Rugby League, boosting the local competition that provides opportunities for clubs from right across the region, with the Vantage Homes Cup (Division 1) being contested by Beerwah, Caboolture, Caloundra, Gympie, Kawana, Maroochydore, Nambour and Noosa in 2018. Congratulations to Maroochydore for winning the recent Division 1 Vantage Homes Cup grand final 22-20 over Beerwah and also to Vantage Homes Cup Division 2 premiers Coolum (beating Kawana 28-10 in Pool A) and Pomona/Cooran (beating Beachmere 11-0 in Pool B).

Additionally, we’re major sponsor of the Grammar Rugby junior team, a values-based program at Sunshine Coast Grammar School aimed at developing young men and women of character.

Sunshine Coast charities we support

Our entire company has registered to donate blood towards Team Adem, which is an amazing local charity aiming to make a profound difference in the lives of many by creating awareness of the importance of giving blood. More than 12,000 lives have already been saved by Team Adem blood donors in 2018, which is a fantastic achievement.

Vantage Homes team members supporting the Sunshine Coast's STEPS Autism Treehouse (above) and during the Trek for Autism (below).

We’re also the major sponsor of the Maroochydore-based STEPS Autism Treehouse, which does such important work in providing support, education and opportunity to Sunshine Coast families living with autism and helping children with autism discover what their special gifts are. We have been a sponsor or major donor for the first four Treehouse Christmas parties (the fifth annual family event will be held on December 9) and also the major sponsor of their first Trek for Autism, which raised more than $60,000.

Additionally, we’ve been sponsors of RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Sunshine Coast for 11 years and have supported their gala dinner every year. They do such incredible work, performing miracles every day to saves lives.

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6 creative ways to achieve brighter interior spaces this spring

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Hooray! Spring is here. With a lot to love about this season, including the sense of joy and optimism it brings, embracing its warmth and colour in your home will do wonders for making the time you spend indoors all the more enjoyable.

We’re pretty lucky here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast that winter is mild – often still with warm, blue-sky days despite cooler mornings and evenings – but we still get excited at spring’s arrival. It’s not so much about the sunshine returning, as it is in the southern states, but more about freshening things up as flowers start to bloom and those late afternoon walks on the beach become more and more enjoyable.

At Vantage Homes, we definitely understand the mood-boosting benefits that arise from creating the right vibe in an interior space. You only need to walk through one of our display homes for an example of how a beautifully-styled room makes you feel and it’s reassuring to know that small and simple changes to a room’s décor, to embrace seasonality, can make a huge difference in any home.

Here’s some simple ways to brighten your home and keep that newfound spring in your step.

  1. Bring the blooms inside: Pick some flowers and fill a vase to give a room an inspired lift in an instant. Or consider bringing some greenery inside permanently by lining your window sills with indoor plants, such as succulents which are low-maintenance but love sun, or dotting them throughout your home. Get creative with what you use for pots to add some personality.
  2. Refresh your wall space: When was the last time you changed up what you have hanging on your walls? Consider purchasing some new art or changing frames on your favourite photographs or artworks for a quick and easy update. Or give yourself a trip down memory lane by spending some time curating your smartphone snaps and breaking the trend by actually printing your favourites, putting them in frames of different shapes and sizes, then getting them up on the wall to let magical moments live on.
  3. Add colour to your floor: A bright, multi-coloured rug is perfect for spring, adding warmth and life to a space. Round shapes can also soften up square lines. Opt for lighter textures too; thick Persian, wool or fur rugs, or anything else intended to keep your feet warm in the winter, can be stored away during warmer months.
  4. Freshen up your accessories: The look and feel of any room can receive a huge boost from tasteful new decorations, whether fresh cushions or throws, luxurious bed sheets, a stylish lampshade, scented candles or something else. Even a new coffee table book can help you add a little flair.
  5. Consider shifting your furniture: Changing a room’s layout, or introducing new furniture into a space, can totally transform how it feels. Aim to make the most of seasonal changes in light and temperature, such as thinking about how sun streaming through a particular window may impact how you use the space.
  6. A fresh lick of paint: If it’s been several years since you moved into your Vantage Homes home, spring is a great time of year to give a room a new coat of paint – think brighter and whiter – or create a feature wall. Adding a cheerful colour will help convey a springtime vibe.

Now is also the perfect time to spring into a Vantage Homes display home and take advantage of the free fencing and landscaping currently available for those having an Urban Collection home built on the Sunshine Coast.


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What a bunch of LEGENDS

Monday, September 03, 2018

We are SO PROUD of our staff members that donated to Team Adem this week.

Just our donations alone will help to save 36 lives!

Congratulation to team Vantage Homes!

You too can get on board and become a live saver by donating – it’s easy, free and not as scary as you think!

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We love customer feedback!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

"Hello Vantage,

I would like to let you know that I have been a Developer myself and Constructed over 200 Units/Houses in the Wollongong area. To me it was: If you have no worries: Build tomorrow! ........You will have worries!

NOW: Vantage has constructed 2 Houses for me and the Foreman Pete has done a Wonderful Job AND NO WORRIES for me at all! He just fixed it! No Problems! Very good in detailing imperfections! NOO EXTRA Charge!! Great I would just like to say Thank You Very MUCH!

I would also Recommend Vantage Construction as the most Professional Builder!


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First home owners leap into Buderim Forest

Monday, August 27, 2018

Two sisters have taken the plunge into the Sunshine Coast property market with the purchase of a brand new home within the tranquil Buderim Forest community at Forest Glen. Lauren and Brooke Cullen believe the three bedroom double story home is an ideal investment because of the design and quality of the home and the premium location close to local amenity.

“Lauren and I really love the architectural design of the home, we have a spacious bedroom each, separate living areas, two bathrooms and a study along with a spare room for guests or we can rent it out to a friend or a University student.

“We’ve kept an eye on the local property market and most of the new developments are much larger master planned communities whereas Buderim Forest is smaller and more boutique in nature. We both felt this was a great opportunity to get into the market with the bonus of the First Home Owners grant before home ownership becomes unachievable for us.

“The location is also ideal, we have forest as a backdrop and parklands at the front of the home while a number of local shops and Kunara village is within walking distance. Buderim’s restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and boutiques are just five minutes away while I can get to work at Currimundi within 15 minutes and it takes Lauren no time at all to get to University for her studies,” Brooke said.

Vantage Homes sales consultant Ian Rowe said the response to Buderim Forest has been very positive with 50% of stage one already sold.

“We’ve attracted interest from a range of buyers keen to secure a high quality, low maintenance freehold home in a secluded neighbourhood. First homeowners like Brooke and Lauren really enjoy the easy access to everything the Coast has to offer while families appreciate being close to a number of great schools and the University and retirees like that it’s a boutique development hidden in a tropical rainforest sanctuary,” he said.

Ian said the vast majority of homes in the first stage back onto the natural forest with a number offering large 12 x 7.5m outdoor area which is suitable for a garden, pool, spa or even a shed.

Buderim Forest is located at 5 Owen Creek Road Forest Glen. For more information, please call Ian Rowe on 1300 720 160 or visit

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Winner winner winner.... again

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Congratulations to the entire Vantage Homes team for winning the Master Builders Queensland Display Home $351,000 - $450,000 Award.

This award is testament to the hard work and dedication put in to make beautifully designed homes.

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Innovative designs earn three major residential building industry accolades

Monday, July 30, 2018

Three wins at the Stockland Builder Awards 2018 – almost a third of the accolades on offer – has again confirmed Vantage Homes as a leading Queensland residential home builder and small lot specialist.

We’re proud of our enviable reputation among Sunshine Coast builders and are always grateful to receive industry recognition for our innovative designs and the quality of our workmanship. We’re certainly no strangers to awards success, having won previously at the VIBE Awards and various Master Builders regional gongs, but never before have we won three categories on one night!

Stockland’s Queensland building industry awards program, eligible for homes constructed within a Stockland display village or a Stockland community, recognises excellence in residential home design, innovation, affordability, sustainability and service across 10 award categories in total.

Our three category wins were:

  • Innovation and Affordability (House and Land Package) – Under $450,000
  • Innovation and Affordability – Materials and Design
  • Best Small Lot Housing

Vantage Home Qld team with the three 2018 Stockland AwardsWe’re extremely honoured by the achievement and take it as confirmation that we’re continually building on our experience year after year to ensure we keep doing things better and better.

Incredibly hardworking, our entire team make us proud by continually going above and beyond to ensure every little detail is just right and there is absolute satisfaction on all new home builds. Our success is an absolute credit to all of our staff – design, planning, finance, construction and sales personnel – and we’re blessed to have their enormous dedication to excellence, which includes developing solid relationships with clients and strong partnerships with suppliers, subcontractors and tradespeople.

Stockland Award winning design No.1: Monroe Terrace (Aura display village)

Innovation and Affordability (House and Land Package) – Under $450,000

The Monroe, representing cosmopolitan maintenance-free living on the Sunshine Coast, is a two-story home that appeals to various demographics – first home owners, families and downsizers.

Emphasising the possibility of having a full-sized home on a small lot, with all that you can imagine within it and offering courtyard entertaining, the floor plan of the three-bedroom terrace house provides 211 square metres of living space within a width constraint of 6.5 metres.

With airflow and natural light an essential component, the design also brings the outdoors in to make the most of the Queensland climate with the courtyard flowing seamlessly into the living area. The galley kitchen, which overlooks this space, has a practical layout, feature tile splashback and stone benchtops.

The oversized master bedroom boasts a large walk-in robe, ensuite with dual vanity and large shower, and screen balcony to provide security, privacy and breeze all in one, while the downstairs office with street views is perfect for the professional who wants to work from home.

Judging criteria for this category included:

  • Innovative design concept
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Quality of lifestyle
  • Cost per square metre
  • Innovation in building layout
  • Innovation on construction methods
  • Consideration of embodied energy

Stockland Award winning design No.2: Sinatra Terrace (Aura display village)

Innovation and Affordability – Materials and Design

Best Small Lot Housing

The Sinatra, intended to bring the heart of Fitzroy living to the Sunshine Coast, has been built to make a brash statement: Your home doesn’t have to be conventional, so think outside the box.

Its raw, urban and industrial look, including a bold and strong façade, combines with a unique open-floor plan providing 192 square metres of living space within a terrace home only 4.5 metres wide.

Designed particularly with young male professionals in mind, with versatility to accommodate shared living and working from home, the two-story Sinatra features a reclaimed exposed brick feature wall from floor to ceiling, exposed beam ceilings, track lighting to replicate gallery lighting, cement feature wall and single-stringer stairs with aluminium balustrading in keeping with the theme.

The master bedroom features an ensuite and balcony, while the design also includes:

  • Galley-style kitchen and space for a large entertaining table
  • Shopfront-style office with separate study nook
  • Bi-fold windows opening to a living green wall
  • Living room with a floor-to-ceiling void and a see-through roof
  • Upstairs mezzanine

Judging criteria for the Materials and Design award included:

  • Integration of products and material to improve energy and water efficiency
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Initiatives to minimise environmental impact
  • Quality of fixtures and fittings
  • Quality of finishes
  • Cost per square metre
  • Innovative use of material

Judging criteria for the Small Lot Housing award included:

  • Consideration of climate within the design
  • Exterior aesthetics
  • Interior design
  • Construction detail
  • Innovation

The three Stockland Builder Awards Queensland 2018 won by Vantage Homes



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Wondering what life will be like in Buderim Forest?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wondering what life will be like in Buderim Forest?
Watch our video and see for yourself...


Imagine waking up surrounded by natural rainforest and tranquil beauty yet being only moments from town. Thanks to Vantage Homes, your dream could be a reality with the release of a brand new estate in the heart of the Sunshine Coast named Buderim Forest.


This exclusive, vibrant community of 3 and 4 bedroom homes, offers you the serenity of being immersed in nature and living the life you've been dreaming of. This limited release, master planned development is perfect for those in the market looking for effortless, low maintenance living. This is your opportunity to invest in a stunning pocket of paradise in one of the Sunshine Coasts up and coming suburbs.
Perfectly positioned close to retail, education and health infrastructure, as well as pristine beaches and hinterland. Buderim Forest is a place to grow and explore with family.
Each low maintenance home has been cleverly designed to create well connected, liveable spaces that flow into the gardens, giving you more time to focus on doing the things you love.
You’ll relish in the well appointed interiors and high standard finishes while enjoying every moment as you entertain friends or simply relax in the sanctuary of your new space

Generous fixtures and fittings have been carefully selected for their stylish design and quality. Adorned with 2.55m high ceilings, stone benchtops, stainless steel appliances, quality flooring, air conditioning, LED downlights, alfresco and landscaped gardens, just to name a few. Your every need has been thought about, so all you need to do is move in and relax.

The estate itself is surrounded by stunning natural rainforest making the home sites of the development private and exclusive. Go for a relaxing stroll along the estate walking track or exercise the family dog in one of the two landscaped parks. Or pop next door to Kunara for lunch.
To arrange an on-site inspection, contact our sales office on 1300 720 160
There is so much to love, see and do, you’ll be glad you made the move to Buderim Forest.

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Forest Glen – the hidden gem on the Sunshine Coast

Thursday, June 28, 2018

If you’re searching for a place to call home on the Sunshine Coast, close to the hinterland and pristine beaches, have you considered Forest Glen?


Where the country meets the city, this emerging suburb provides the serenity of being immersed in nature alongside convenient connectivity to major retail, education and health infrastructure. Yes, this is the life you’ve been dreaming about!



Perfectly positioned where the Sunshine Coast Hinterland meets the coastal strip, picturesque Forest Glen is home to residential properties with bush surrounds, a popular shopping centre and five wonderful schools within 5km – including Sunshine Coast Grammar School and Montessori International College, which each offer high-quality education.


It’s also within easy access by car or public transport to Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore’s restaurants, bars and cafés, and Mooloolaba esplanade and coastline (all only 12km away), as well as the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), TAFE Queensland East Coast Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Sunshine Coast Airport.


Stunning views of lush green valleys and magnificent mountains are also within easy reach, making outings to the Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Montville, Mapleton, Noosa or the Eumundi Markets all the more inviting.


Within Forest Glen itself, Kunara Organic Marketplace is home to an organic café, a deli and stores selling organic meat, organic fresh produce or natural health and skincare products. Sunshine Coast Grammar meanwhile provides an incredible educational setting for students from Prep to Year 12 –  an independent, co-educational, Christian-based school, it is set on 40ha with its own lakes and rainforest – while Montessori’s new campus at Forest Glen includes an early learning centre and there are state schools nearby at Buderim Mountain, Woombye and Chevallum.


Lifestyle truly abounds at Forest Glen, which is also home to Buderim Forest, Vantage Homes’ latest development – a vibrant community of detached and split-level homes, terrace dwellings and boutique three-level rainforest villas.


Just imagine what your day could look like if you lived in Buderim Forest. You could start the day with a walk or run around leafy tree-lined track, or even a spot of yoga in one of the landscaped parks, before enjoying a delicious and nutritional breakfast at Kunara Café while their barista makes a perfect organic coffee to your liking.


Mid-morning you could head off to Sunshine Plaza for a spot of shopping, then grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes or restaurants along The Esplanade at Cotton Tree before getting a little physical with some stand-up paddleboard action on the river and popping in to Buderim Tavern on the way home to take in some of the best views across the coast and hinterland.


There’s so many possibilities, but whatever you get up to, at the end of the day there’s nothing quite like taking a load off and unwinding in your brand new home while the evening rolls in.


Every home in the Buderim Forest development has been cleverly designed to create well-connected, liveable spaces with low-maintenance interiors and gardens so you’ll have more time to enjoy doing the things you love!


With lots starting from $263,500, if it’s time for you to call Forest Glen home, be sure to check out the Buderim Forest land for sale or contact us to discuss the opportunities available.



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Winter-warming advice to keep your home cosy for less

Friday, June 01, 2018

Winter is here and it’s time to cosy up, yet every degree over 20C on the thermostat has potential to add another 10 per cent to your electricity bill. So how do you keep your home comfortably warm without hurting your hip pocket?

Try these tips to stay warm for less.



Shut the door on heating inefficiencies

Instead of trying to heat your entire house unnecessarily, close off unused rooms. This will make heating the spaces that are most in use – such as the kitchen and living rooms – far more efficient. For extra savings, use a draught snake or plastic draught stopper to prevent cold air seeping into the rooms you’re trying to keep warm.


Ensure your insulation is up to scratch

About 33% of heat in an uninsulated home is lost through the walls and another 25% is lost via the roof. Maximising your insulation is an extremely effective way of being able to keep your home warmer more efficiently. Vantage Homes offers insulation to obtain a six-star energy-efficiency rating in all our homes.


Combine comfort with style

Nothing quite compares with under-floor heating and good insultation, but there is a more economical trick to adding warmth: quality carpets or a plush rug on non-carpeted floors. Floors can account for 10-15 per cent of heat loss when they aren’t insulated or covered, so a rug can double as a décor accessory – instantly making a room feel and look cosier – as well as help stop warmth escaping. At Vantage Homes, carpets are provided as standard with all home builds.


Be strategic with your window dressings

Double-glazing is not cheap, so being smart with your window dressings to make the most of the heat from the sun is essential. Switching to floor-length heavy curtains with two or three layers – or lining your existing curtains with thermal fabric or fleece – will help protect against heat loss, as will blockout blinds due to their thickness and opacity.

Be sure to open up your curtains or blinds during the day to let sunlight in, before closing them as soon as the sun starts to set. This way you’ll warm your home naturally and retain the heat into the evening.  

As blockout roller blinds are an energy-efficient choice for retaining heat in winter – and keeping the home cool in summer – Vantage Homes includes them as standard on all new builds.


Maximise the benefit of the sun’s energy

Installing a solar power system means you’re able to switch on your reverse-cycle air conditioning or other electric heating without worrying about your power bill skyrocketing out of control. Vantage Homes customers can currently score themselves a free 2.28kW Bradford solar power system (with huge discounts also available for a Tesla Powerwall upgrade to provide a complete solar-plus-battery solution) . It’s a win-win: a new home combined with lower heating costs.

If you do use a reverse-cycle air conditioner, also be sure to clean the filters so it operates at its most efficient to help you reduce running costs even further.


Create an alfresco reading nook

We’re blessed in South-East Queensland to regularly enjoy warm, blue-sky winter days prior to the mercury dropping after the sun drops below the horizon, so it’s sensible to make the most of the outdoors lifestyle on offer. Seek out areas where you can bathe in the warmth of the afternoon sun, such as through creating a reading nook.

Vantage Homes’ alfresco entertaining areas are perfect for this and our homes have the added benefit of the sun also streaming through the glass sliding doors connecting this outdoor living space with your open-plan living/dining area – meaning you have less need to rely on the heater as evening sets in.


If you’re considering building a new home and want it to be as energy-efficient as possible, be sure to check out our Sunshine Coast display homes or contact us for no-obligation advice today.

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It’s 2018, does size still matter?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Regardless of what anyone says, the great Australian dream of owning a home still exists. We’re living proof of that. While this dream may have transformed a little from the expansive yard with the white picket fence, trust us when we say, it’s still rife.

In today’s day and age, there are many reasons we can’t afford to place an emphasis on size. With population increases, land availability decreasing and living expenses growing, people are paying more attention to finding the things that will meet their needs in a more practical way. Therefore, when it comes to buying land and/or a house, we need to be confident in knowing that what we invest our hard-earned cash in will meet our future needs, whether it be in the long or short term.

When talking land nowadays, size is a the of the past. You’d be surprised what you can do on even the smallest lot. It is a move that’s taking hold the world over but let’s take a look at a region we can all associate with; Brisbane. In 2013 the Brisbane City Council draft city plan comprised largely of block subdivision, meaning the average 607m2 block size was potentially on its way to becoming a thing of the past, with new, subdivided lots anywhere from 180 to 300 square metres. The average Australian block size today is between 200 and 350 square metres, and due to lifestyle choice, investment value and comfort, these size lots have become increasingly popular.

Small lots are trending here on the Sunshine Coast as well. While continuing on a comparable trajectory with similar concepts to Brisbane, small lots on the Sunshine Coast are popping up in new housing estates with land size anywhere from 250m2 for a detached home, to as little as 88m2 for the trendy new terrace house. Why you ask? Many reasons but ultimately, it’s a lifestyle choice. People are busier today than ever before and therefore want simplicity. There are a few other things as well.

1. Give me more time

Who wants to spend their limited time cleaning, mowing, repairing, improving, etc. your property? Sorry to say, your small lot won’t remove it all, but minimization is guaranteed, meaning you can spend more time with your family and friends doing the things you love.

2. The inevitable $$

You have the potential to save on purchase outgoings due to the price of smaller lots compared to larger ones. Calculations show this could mean a saving of 21%, if not more.  Financial experts say you should allocate one third of your annual income toward your mortgage but imagine if it was less! You’d have access to more disposable income, savings, better schools for your kids, holidays, lotto tickets or whatever it is that takes your fancy. WINNING!

3.  Location, location, location

Generally small lots are available in upcoming suburbs and areas that are within great vicinity to CBD’s, parks, shops, schools, attractions and public transport. It’s no different on the Sunshine Coast. Our lots are positioned in Harmony and Aura development area; two of the most upcoming precincts on the Sunshine Coast, with all the attractions of our beautiful coast on your doorstep.

4. Did anyone say compromise??

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage and courtyard. No, you don’t need to re-read and it wasn’t a typo. We have impressive terrace homes and detached houses that can be tailored to your needs, making small lot living extremely comfortable without the compromise.

While in every sense of it, continue to dream big and think big, but when it come to land size, re think that attitude. Dispel the myth that bigger is better and get yourself down to our Aura display to check out our magnificent terrace house or the stunningly crafted detached home at our Harmony display. What to know more? Call our head office on 07 5458 5500 or visit today.

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Big Summer Sale!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Our BIG SUMMER SALE is giving away FREE fencing & landscaping during February.

Come in and see Rebecca at our Harmony by AVID Property Group display to find out more.

*T&Cs apply

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Congratulations on winning!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Congratulations to the lucky winner of our 'Register to Win' promo. Bianca is now the owner of a brand new Westinghouse fridge/freezer, Simpson washing machine and Simpson dryer.

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The colour selection process

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The colour selection process is one of the most exciting and rewarding advantages to building a brand new home. This is where you can personalise your home.

Our interior design department has put together a range of colour boards to help get started.

What would you choose? Chai, Latte or Mocha?


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Congratulations on your brand new Vantage home!

Monday, January 08, 2018

"I had a great experience building with Vantage Homes. From start to finish all communication with Vantage Homes staff was excellent, prompt responses proved to ease nerves and worries of such a huge expense.

On colour selection, the standard inclusions range was large compared with other builders.

Throughout the build tradesman were polite and were quite happy to explain what they were doing. My construction manager, Graeme, did a fantastic job to ensure a high quality standard was delivered in an extremely timely manner.

I cannot fault the experience Vantage Homes delivered for my first home."




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Visit us at twilight and join us for Harmony nights!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Get your family and friends together and join us for the first twilight Harmony Nights on Thursday 14 December from 5pm – 7pm.

Enjoy dinner from a delicious range of gourmet food trucks, listen to some live music and let the kids loose with loads of games available.

Date: Thursday 14th December 2017
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Location: Harmony Display World. Harmony Boulevard via Peter Crosby Way, Palmview 

Be sure to come and say hi and see our latest display home - The Freedom.

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Beautiful displays open this weekend

Friday, December 08, 2017

Visit our Vantage Display Homes

The weather is looking good for the first weekend of summer, so why not get out and about and enjoy it. Come by one of our displays across the Sunshine Coast and find your perfect new Vantage Home.

With 6 different display homes to see between Aura, Birtinya and Harmony, there is sure to be something that takes your liking. If not, we have a large range of cleverly designed floorplans to choose from.

The styling from our in house interior design team makes the most of the floor area and presents each home perfectly to suit the style and purpose of the home – from relaxed coastal living to professional lock up and leave lifestyle. Each home showcases the quality of a Vantage Homes build and allows you to see firsthand our standard range of inclusions – no gimmicks here, what you see is what you get.

To learn more or get started, please visit our display homes page for directions.

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Building a new home?

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Vantage Homes have put together this essential guide to help you along the way.

Building a new home is an exciting time and you can trust Vantage Homes to help you feel confident in the build process. Over the past 15 years we’ve built an enviable reputation as one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading residential home builders.

Choosing a block of land.

The first step is location, location, location! There are plenty of options for great land along the Sunshine Coast. You can select land from one of the many development sites along the coast or you can have Vantage Homes build on your own block.

You will want to consider a few things when selecting your land, is it located near facilities and resources that will be useful to you, such as shopping centres, schools, and parks.

Ensure you take into account the size of the block, shape and setbacks. This will dictate the size of home you are able to build. Another important thing to note is the aspect of the land. Is it north facing? Are there views?

Selecting a house design.

Having settled on your ideal location and block of land, you have the opportunity to pick your perfect floor plan. Choose from a wide variety of cleverly designed Vantage Homes plans to find the one that meets you or your family’s needs.

Ask yourself the following questions when selecting your house design:

  • How well does the house fit on your block of land, will there be room for a garden shed, pool or entertaining area? Take into consideration morning and afternoon sun. You’ll want a nice well-lit home.
  • Is this your forever home? Will you need extra rooms as your family grows or if you are downsizing do you need large rooms or multiple living areas?
  • What are your essentials? How many bedrooms, bathrooms living areas do you need? Think about liveable space, functionality and flow.

Picking internal and external products and colours.

With floor plan in hand, the fun really begins. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding advantages to building a new home – personalising it to make it your very own.

Here’s a checklist of what you’ll be selecting during your personal colour selection process:

  • Cabinetry – your kitchen finishes, cupboards, handles and benchtops.
  • Timber, laminate, tile and carpet floorings.
  • Robe and linen cupboards doors.
  • Internal and external paint colours.
  • External garage door, roofing Colorbond colour, fascia and gutters.
  • Window frames and facade features.
  • Exposed aggregate driveway colour, entry door, letterbox and clothes line.

At Vantage Homes, we like to go above and beyond to help you achieve your perfect home. Therefore, we add a number of standard inclusions which other builders charge as extras – including flooring throughout, ceiling fans, air conditioning, blinds, fencing, landscaping and even your clothesline and letterbox - just to name a few.

All you need to worry about is moving your furniture in.

Choosing your builder

Building your dream home is a big commitment and choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you will make.

  • Make sure you do your research on your preferred builders, see if they have customer testimonials or references.
  • Visit a display home to check out their quality of work and see if the finishes are up to scratch.
  • Ask to see their range of standard incisions and compare like for like quotes. Don’t be fooled by display homes with glossy upgrades and luxurious furnishing. Always be realistic with your budget and ensure you ask the builder what is their standard inclusion.

Why choose us?

At Vantage homes our focus is not on selling upgrades or extras, it’s on selling homes. Our display homes showcase the high quality of our workmanship and our standard build - No gimmicks at all, what you see is what you get.

Our design portfolio has grown to include a range of award winning small lot homes, architectural abodes, units and townhouses.

It’s that diversity which sets Vantage Homes apart from the rest.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Vantage Homes is giving you the chance to WIN a Fridge, Washing Machine and Dryer package.

Visit our brand new display home at Harmony Estate, fill in the entry form and that's it! Easy right...

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you.

For directions to the display home, click here.

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Introducing our brand new display home - Freedom

Thursday, November 23, 2017

We are excited to have officially opened our latest display home ‘Freedom’ in the new Harmony estate in Palmview, Sunshine Coast.

The focus on this home was to provide a stylish, smartly designed home that is functional, low maintenance and affordable.

This is the perfect first home with a modern lineal façade that acts as a breeze way and security in one. You’ll be struck by the sense of space when you walk through the front door and into the open plan living area.

Styled to be warm and intimate, the main bedroom is situated at the rear of the home to provide privacy from the secondary bedrooms. An ensuite and walk in robe complete the master suite.

The two queen sized secondary bedrooms are closed off by an internal cavity slider, which also includes the family bathroom with a separate toilet and second linen cupboard.

Light and functionality comes together in the kitchen with a fixed glass splash back allowing natural light to stream in, clean and modern cabinetry, plus plenty of storage in the extra overhead cupboards. The walk through butler’s pantry and combined laundry space provide a neat and tidy solution to all your housekeeping needs, which can be accessed directly from the garage. Great for organising your shopping.

A feature of the kitchen is the grand island bench, perfect for entertaining and casual dining. The neutral colour pallet is light and bright – complementing the décor throughout the entire home.

Last but not least is the open plan lounge and dining room. Styled for luxury and comfort. Spread out on the 4 seater sofa in the lounge room and watch a movie or entertain friends in the covered alfresco on a warm summer night.

These is plenty of room to move and all areas are well-proportioned to maximise use of the 300 square meter block.

Come and view this brand new home at Harmony display world – click here for directions.

View our latest house and land packages available in Harmony here.

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Vantage Homes Display Official Opening Event at Harmony

Monday, November 20, 2017

Vantage Homes invites you and your family to visit us at the Harmony Display World Launch Event on Saturday 18 November from 3pm.

Come and view our latest display home "Freedom", the perfect first home, featuring three large bedrooms, entertainers kitchen and open plan living area.

With something for the whole family, the Harmony Display World Launch Event is not to be missed. There will be plenty to do for all ages with face painting, pony rides, a jumping castle, food trucks, and a spectacular fireworks show at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you through our display home. See the event here.

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If you need 5 more reasons to move to the Sunny Coast, here they are!

Friday, November 10, 2017

303,389* people in Queensland have the right idea; they live on the Sunshine Coast and demand is only growing in this highly sought after region.

The Sunshine Coast is well known for its pristine beaches, stunning hinterland, incredible hikes and growing entertainment and dining options but believe it or not, there are another five ridiculously good reasons to back your bags and move here. Let’s count backwards, saving the best till last.

Number 5 - Work
Sorry to raise the ‘W’ word but it is a bone of contention for many of us. Yes, the job prospects up here are not as vast as in major cities but if you dig a little deeper you’ll realise the opportunities are endless. In 2016 there were 33,076 registered businesses here and with our constant growth, the demand for expertise is only increasing.

Number 4 – Schools

If you have kids you’ll be all too familiar with the moans and groans about the inevitability and perhaps monotony of each and every school year, term, month or even day. On the upside you can be quietly (or loudly) confident that their education needs will be met, if not exceeded! Our school programs not only allow for activities that many city schools can’t offer such as surfing, but our standard of education is up there with the best. Last year, 34% of Sunshine Coast Grammar School seniors obtained an OP score between 1 – 5. Pretty impressive.

Number 3 – Community

One thing we just love about the Sunshine Coast is the way the community interacts with each other. That town you thought was just for retirees or holiday makers is no longer and in its place is a bustling (but not too bustling) haven for a variety of ages. Whether you’re watching a magical sunset or chowing down at one of our award-winning restaurants you’re bound to be star struck by the relaxed eminence the Coast has to offer. 

Number 2 – Development

It’s no secret that major local airport developments are about to commence. Sunshine Plaza, our major shopping precinct, is expanding and receiving a huge facelift and of course, we can’t forget about the newly opened state of the art University Hospital. In addition, however, two major community developments are causing a stir amongst locals, investors and sea change seekers alike. The Harmony development, located near the suburb of Palmview, has attained the elusive title of being a first for South-East Queensland, as it’s the only sustainably designed community to achieve accreditation across specific facets including ecosystems, waste, energy, material, water and community.  Plans boast 5,000 dwellings, an impressive four schools and a shopping centre. The second development, Aura, is located in Caloundra South and is tipped to be a Sunshine Coast suburb the size of Gladstone once complete. It is expected to house up to 50,000 people and support the community via 20 schools, a 200-hectare town centre and 200km of cycleways.

Number 1 – Housing market

With booming house prices the nation over, here on our beautiful Sunshine Coast, the best news is that getting into your own home is still achievable. With the stunning aforementioned developments underway, there is seriously no better time to build!

Compared with other Australian states, QLD supports a 17% first home buyer participation rate whereas NSW is only 3.85%. With house and land packages available in these new precincts starting from $395,000 it’s easy to see why.

Vantage homes is an award winning, trusted builder responsible for delivering smiles and outstanding results to home owners for over 15 years. We set our standards high to make sure you get what you want, the way you want it. What many other builders pitch as upgrades, we offer as a standard. We’re dedicated to working with first homebuyer, downsizers and investor, so see for yourself what we can offer at our stunning displays homes located in Aura and Harmony. Tempting isn’t it, and there’s no time like the present to act! If you’d like to discuss your options more, visit us today or call 07 5458 5500. 



*Sunshine Coast Council Community Profile 2016 (

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Vantage Homes Urban Collection designs

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Urban Collection has evolved to cater for the next generation of buyers. The focus is on providing a trendy, smartly functional home that’s low maintenance and affordable. This gives both families and individuals the ability to purchase a free standing home on their own block, without the price tag.

The Urban Collection has a modern appeal, they are practical and have been specifically design for Urban and Terrace/Villa size lots less than 12.5m wide.

There’s so much flexibility with a low maintenance home from the Urban Collection, not only will you have a beautiful home but you will also have the freedom to lock up and leave. All Vantage designs have entertaining in mind and automatically offers stylish, quality products as a part the deluxe range of finishes to choose from.

At Vantage Homes we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality fixtures, fitting and finishes all for the one price. When you choose a home from the Urban Collection all you have to do is move in.

View the Urban Collection range of floor plans here.

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Value for money with Vantage Homes in Birtinya

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It’s no coincidence that Vantage has built the most Terrace homes in Birtinya - Smart design, high quality inclusions, perfect value.

4 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage starting from just $555,000.

Interested in calling Birtinya home? Call Ian on 0477 774 579 for more information.

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Congratulations on moving into your brand new Vantage home!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thanks for the great feedback.

"I have enjoyed my experience building through Vantage. So happy to be buying a house at 22 years of age. They have been very helpful and have built to a high standard of quality. I highly recommend them as they have done everything I have asked, to top quality and have built a house thats very modern with high standard features. They are priced well and will meet your needs." David.

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Vantage Homes setting the standard in terrace living

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Vantage Homes was established by its founder and Director Shane O’Brien over 15 years ago. In that time the company has continuously grown and evolved its capabilities to include 50 staff involved across design, planning, finance, construction and sales personnel.

The Terrace Collection represents cosmopolitan, maintenance free living on the Sunshine Coast. Choose from raw, urban and industrial designs through to luxurious affordable family living. Uniquely designed to create space and ambiance there’s always more than meets the eye with a Terrace home.

The ability to design and deliver modern, functional and on trend designs with a high level of inclusions at an affordable price, sets Vantage apart from its competitors.

Terrace living is all about minimum maintenance so you can maximise your lifestyle. Perfectly suited to first home buyers, downsizers and families the Terrace Collection offers full turnkey solutions in one simple and affordable price.

Come and see our two newest terrace designs on display at Aura – city of colour.
Lukin Terrace, Bells Creek, QLD 4551

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Vantage Official Opening at Aura-City of Colour

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What a turn out!

A huge thank you to those who joined Vantage Homes in celebrating the official opening of the Aura – City of Colour Display Village Saturday night. We hope you LOVE our 3 brand new display homes as much as we do!

The night was filled with plenty of entertainment and the great Vantage wall featured prominently during the amazing light show. Thank you Stockland for organizing such an amazing event!

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Huge demand for Vantage Homes house and land, terrace and townhouse developments

Monday, July 17, 2017

The opportunity to enjoy everything about the Queensland lifestyle is the driving force behind the strong demand and sales in the North Brisbane Region according to Vantage Homes Sales Executive Mark Roberts.

“We are living in an age where many buyers don’t want to spend their time mowing large lawns and doing maintenance around the home. Queensland is all about enjoying the great outdoors like our stunning beaches, waterways, parks and hinterland and living in a low maintenance home or town house enables residents to live life to the fullest”.

Mr Roberts said buyers have ranged from first home owners who are taking advantage of Government concession, right through to baby boomers and retirees who prefer to lead a ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle. Vantage Homes QLD offer inclusions that other builders call extras, everything you need to move straight in – air-con, blinds, floor coverings, driveway & alfresco to mention a few.

“With houses, terraces and townhouses selling from only $359,000 in Bracken Ridge, Dakabin, Kallungur, Mango Hill and throughout the Sunshine Coast there’s plenty for people to choose from” Mark said.  

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Display home VIP pre opening

Friday, July 07, 2017

Not one to shy away from a reason to celebrate Vantage homes took the opportunity to welcome the builders, staff, suppliers and sales people to the VIP Opening of the “Bailey” Display home recently completed at Aura.

It was great to thank the tradespeople and suppliers who work hard to finish our display homes to the highest standard.

From the drafting and design process to the completed build, at some point throughout each and every team member plays a part in the finished product.

The home entertained beautifully with attendees enjoying a cheese and wine soiree around the Grand Island bench, pop up street food from the marque in the back yard and of course drinks on the alfresco. This truly was an event to showcase our standard range of products and highlight the features of the home in action.

So from Vantage to all of our staff and suppliers we say Thank you! 

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Easy Build Steps

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Easy build steps to make your dreams of building a new home a reality


A Vantage homes consultant will help you find a suitable home to suit your land, lifestyle and budget. They will discuss with you our standard inclusions and assist you with your options and ideas to personalise your home. A sales estimate will be provided based on your selections, if you are happy with your new home estimate we will ask you to pay a deposit to proceed to the new home proposal.



Your personal Vantage new home consultant will request preliminary site investigations including, obtaining a firm sales estimate from our estimating team, updated floor plan drawings with any adjustments requested from our drafting team, order soil tests and arrange your land contract if required.


Vantage will email or post you a copy of your contract for review which includes floor plan drawings, specifications, engineering report, soil report and your final contract price. Your new home consultant is on hand to answer any questions you have and also liaise with you regarding any changes or additions you may have. You are now asked to carefully review these documents as they ae used solely throughout the building process of your new home. Once you are satisfied with the contract, please sign it and pay your 5% deposit.



One of the most exciting steps of building your home is selecting the colour and style of the interior and exterior. An appointment will be made with a colour consultant, where our qualified consultants will guide you through the fun world of creating your new home. This appointment will take up to 4 hours.


Your personal Vantage new home consultant will co-ordinate head office to schedule the construction of your new home and provide you with a start date. An onsite meeting will be arranged for you to meet your build supervisor to go through the steps of the build. A copy of your approved building application will be send to your financer for them to release the authority to commence construction (if required).



You will be contacted at the 4 main milestones of your build and be required to make progress payments along the way.

1. The commencement on site

2. Roof completion

3. Flooring pre-start

4. Practical completion inspection – this is a chance for   you to inspect your home with your build supervisor.


Your personal Vantage new home consultant will provide you with the keys to your new home as well as a handover pack containing any appliance user manuals etc.  Your new home comes with a 12 month statutory warranty for non-structural defects.


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Turn Your Fantasy Home into Cosy Reality!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Everyone dreams of owning their perfect home. How many times have you fantasised about the home of your dreams and imagined how you would design each room with every feature looking exactly the way you would want it? We build it up in our imagination, adding more and more details and then we scrap it all and start over again.

What if you could build it in reality rather than just imagination?

Building a home seems like nothing more than a dream to some. However, with Vantage Homes, your home can be a reality. We will guide you through every step of the process until you are happily living in your dream home!

The first step is location, location, location! There are plenty of options for great land along the Sunshine Coast. You will want to consider a few things when selecting your land. You can either select land from one of our prime development sites. This land is carefully chosen to be ideal for your new home. However, if you prefer, we can also specially source land for your needs. Alternately, you can even have us build on land your have already purchased. You will also want to consider whether your lot is located near facilities and resources that will be useful to you, such as shopping centres, schools, and parks.

Having settled on your location, next you have the opportunity to pick your dream floor plan. Choose from a wide variety of cleverly designed floor plans to find the one that meets your family’s needs. Select from plans featuring two, three or four bedrooms. You can also select the number of bathrooms and the size of your garage.

With floor plan in hand, the fun really begins. This is where you get to customise your new home to make it the home of your dreams. Select the features you want and indicate those that you do not. Choose colours and finishes to make your new home representative of your unique and individual style.

Moreover, at Vantage Homes, we like to go above and beyond to achieve your dreams. Therefore, we add a number of inclusions which other builders only include with an added fee. For example, enjoy a stylish kitchen with deluxe stone bench tops, for no additional cost! Those gorgeous stainless steel appliances? Yep, you also get those included in the base price. We include blinds throughout, floor coverings, and even throw in a letterbox and clothesline.

Now that you have chosen all of the elements of your dream home, sit back and watch it unfold. We will handle it from here. Once we have poured the slab, you can see exactly how your new home will sit on your block of land. We will then construct the frame. Viewing the frame of your new home is when you will start to get those jitters of excitement as you see it take shape before your very eyes. Next, we add walls, a roof, doors, windows and all of those features which seal your home up into a comfy nest for you and your family. Finally, we will construct the interior and add all of your custom selected homey details. All that is left is to hand over your new key and let you move in!

So, are you ready to make your dream a reality? Visit one of our display homes or call us today! We have experienced new home consultants ready to guide you through every step so that you can turn your fantasy home into a cosy reality. Let’s start building!

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