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Vantage Homes Design Studio - Design Trader.

A space to showcase design options and complete colour consults was an essential requirement and when a serendipitous opportunity arose, the concept was born. Initial thoughts for the space were simply a design centre however, it became much more than that.

The new concept brings the fun back into finding the right interior styles for your first home. With a more relaxed vibe to a process that can be overwhelming and stressful, Vantage created a setting like no other. This unique one-of-a-kind experience is a fresh take on the showrooms of old.

Sleek timber lines, stylish coloured tiles, locally made ceramics and perfectly curated interior design journals housed in an impressive floor to ceiling wooden cabinet, complete with a top-notch barista. It’s clear there’s more to Design Trader than meets the eye.

A veritable feast for the senses, there’s so much to touch, see and enjoy in this stylish space. Run your hands over contemporary brickwork, take note of the elegant art pieces, discover new tapware styles and casually flip through an enviable collection of interior magazines and be inspired – All while you are enjoying a delicious blend of artisan coffee.

But don’t worry, anyone can still enjoy this beautiful space. Whether you’re a design or coffee aficionado alike, Design Trader without a doubt will have your creativity soaring and your coffee fix sated with every visit.

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