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6 creative ways to achieve brighter interior spaces this spring

Hooray! Spring is here. With a lot to love about this season, including the sense of joy and optimism it brings, embracing its warmth and colour in your home will do wonders for making the time you spend indoors all the more enjoyable.

We’re pretty lucky here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast that winter is mild – often still with warm, blue-sky days despite cooler mornings and evenings – but we still get excited at spring’s arrival. It’s not so much about the sunshine returning, as it is in the southern states, but more about freshening things up as flowers start to bloom and those late afternoon walks on the beach become more and more enjoyable.

At Vantage Homes, we definitely understand the mood-boosting benefits that arise from creating the right vibe in an interior space. You only need to walk through one of our display homes for an example of how a beautifully-styled room makes you feel and it’s reassuring to know that small and simple changes to a room’s décor, to embrace seasonality, can make a huge difference in any home.

Here’s some simple ways to brighten your home and keep that newfound spring in your step.

  1. Bring the blooms inside: Pick some flowers and fill a vase to give a room an inspired lift in an instant. Or consider bringing some greenery inside permanently by lining your window sills with indoor plants, such as succulents which are low-maintenance but love sun, or dotting them throughout your home. Get creative with what you use for pots to add some personality.
  2. Refresh your wall space: When was the last time you changed up what you have hanging on your walls? Consider purchasing some new art or changing frames on your favourite photographs or artworks for a quick and easy update. Or give yourself a trip down memory lane by spending some time curating your smartphone snaps and breaking the trend by actually printing your favourites, putting them in frames of different shapes and sizes, then getting them up on the wall to let magical moments live on.
  3. Add colour to your floor: A bright, multi-coloured rug is perfect for spring, adding warmth and life to a space. Round shapes can also soften up square lines. Opt for lighter textures too; thick Persian, wool or fur rugs, or anything else intended to keep your feet warm in the winter, can be stored away during warmer months.
  4. Freshen up your accessories: The look and feel of any room can receive a huge boost from tasteful new decorations, whether fresh cushions or throws, luxurious bed sheets, a stylish lampshade, scented candles or something else. Even a new coffee table book can help you add a little flair.
  5. Consider shifting your furniture: Changing a room’s layout, or introducing new furniture into a space, can totally transform how it feels. Aim to make the most of seasonal changes in light and temperature, such as thinking about how sun streaming through a particular window may impact how you use the space.
  6. A fresh lick of paint: If it’s been several years since you moved into your Vantage Homes home, spring is a great time of year to give a room a new coat of paint – think brighter and whiter – or create a feature wall. Adding a cheerful colour will help convey a springtime vibe.

Now is also the perfect time to spring into a Vantage Homes display home and take advantage of the free fencing and landscaping currently available for those having an Urban Collection home built on the Sunshine Coast.


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